Introduction. ICNEO – International Council of Neologistics – is a permanent body of UNICIN aiming at promoting the denominative and conceptual terminological standardization for the Science of Conscientiology. In carrying out its linguistic-terminological political functions, ICNEO compiles, organizes, standardizes, plans, harmonizes and disseminates the international terminology of Conscientiology. It acts as a technical evaluator and fosters an open, democratic and cosmoethical debate within CCCI, with a view to a broader linguistic-terminological consensus.

International. This work is developed in the Portuguese language by volunteers living in Brazil, and in the English, Spanish, Italian and German languages by volunteers living abroad.

Services. ICNEO provides researchers with evaluation service for conscientiological neologisms coined in researches, whose objective is to help in the pursuit of a terminological accuracy according to the content-form standpoint: content and form of the proposed neologisms.

Submit. Interested researchers can submit a neologism proposal, and the definition, synonyms and phraseology (example usage) for the following E-mail [email protected] . The term will undergo an evaluation and receive advice such as “favorable”, “unfavorable” or “favorable subject to exceptions”, if further clarification is needed. The advice also offers suggestions for improvement and further research where applicable.

Criteria. This work aspect of ICNEO is based on the document “Criteria for the Creation and Evaluation of Neological Terms ” prepared by the team itself, whose content presents elements and aspects to be taken into consideration when coining the neologism.

Download. Such document is available for download at this website and a prior reading is recommended.

Documents. We also make available for download “ICNEO Work Guidelines”, “Guide for the Preparation of Neological Advice” and examples of advice already developed by the ICNEO team so far.

Project. The coming ICNEO project, together with other instances of publication and research of the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community (CCCI) will be the development of “CCCI Linguistic Policy”, with the main objective of defining the scope of action of these instances, as they are interrelated and provide a unison language within the community concerning the Linguistics applied and used in the science of Conscientiology.

Debate. ICNEO is availabe to each and every individual interested in conscientiological and Neologistics researches for the remission of any doubts or debates about the specialties surveyed.

Documents for Download:

  1. ICNEO Working Guidelines (Version 07, 01/07/2009)
  2. Criteria for the Creation and Evaluation of Neological Terms
  3. Unfavorable Advice
  4. Favorable Advice
  5. Favorable Advice subject to Exceptions